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Installation of breathers, or a compact draw-in ventilation, is becoming ever more popular among ZROBLENO customers.  

Let’s view in detail what ‘a breather’ means and what it’s intended for. 

Air conditioning systems maintain a desired air temperature in your rooms, but they can’t solve the main problem: air intake. The main function of a breather is to take in and filter outside air. 

It has long been known from our experience that using modern glass units would isolate your room from the outside environment. And the passive ventilation system offered by construction developers often proves unequal to its tasks. Therefore, insufficient ventilation of dwelling premises and unfavorable environmental conditions in many areas of Kyiv force apartment owners to resort to installation of breathers.

Using a breather would solve several problems: 

  • Ensure cleaned air intake from the outside
  • Warm up the air to the required temperature
  • Protect you from street noise and dust
  • Protect you from draughts

Modern breathers work with low levels of noise and power consumption. ZROBLENO team specially recommends installing breathers in bedrooms (you can save on other rooms).

Besides, a big advantage of breathers is intake of fresh air into your apartment during your long-term absence. A breather is a brilliant option for apartments on lower levels with intrusion sensors on windows.

ZROBLENO experts recommend you to allow for breather installation at the stage of technical project development. It’s not difficult at all. You should only allow for an individual socket connection at the breather installation height on the façade wall of your apartment.