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Loggia – usable area


If you are going to use your loggia in the new apartment for storing boxes, preserved vegetables and a bicycle, never say it to ZROBLENO designers! They would make you change your mind 100%!

Your loggia is the place from where a revolution in your apartment life will start… 

There are many options of your loggia arrangement, but we are going to describe only those implemented by ZROBLENO team. 

Let’s start with the formula: a loggia is not a balcony. A loggia is an extension of kitchen or room separated by a wall and a window set. That’s why loggia demolition is not a violation of the building structure and does not require any replanning approval.

The most popular request from our customers is to organize a work place in their loggia. It’s a good idea, time-proved. In fact, a work place in your loggia is your personal office, where you can retire from the home fuss. It’s very convenient to transform your loggia space into a working corner, even more than one. Here it’s critical to define the sufficient number of light fixtures and sockets. And then it would be a technical matter for ZROBLENO designers: they can do everything (well, except shelves for preserved vegetables, you remember!).

For small apartments, we recommend using your loggia as a room extension, making this area suitable for storing your things. Or, the other way round, turn on your imagination and put your bed there – and fall asleep facing the city every night, or a cozy couch – to create space for reading and sitting, or maybe even a hammock and a palm ☺ Why not? Our philosophy is high quality implementation of your brave dreams! 

A bit more about courage and dreams… Your loggia located in the kitchen can turn into a kitchen itself! This idea always wins admiration of our customers! Particularly when we show its implementation and disclose its benefits, including:

  • Kitchen space enlargement
  • Possibility to create a new space – dining area or lounge
  • Higher insolation of your apartment. Normally, the glass area of your loggia is larger than the glass area of the other windows in your apartment, so it would make your kitchen space  light and airy
  • «New World Outlook». Just imagine yourself doing a routine job in the kitchen and enjoying a view from the window!

For implementation of that idea, ZROBLENO designers would create a technical project with precise calculations of wet core area and domestic sewage transfers. Maybe they would offer an additional catching ventilation.

Now the material part!

Here it’s important to note that usually the outer wall of a loggia is thinner than its façade wall. This is because a loggia serves as an air cushion between the room and the street. So, a loggia reconstruction means a labor-intensive and time-consuming process, but the game is worth the candle, particularly if ZROBLENO takes on the repair. In order to make the new space warm, we always make the following steps:

  • Replace window sets or add chambers (if the loggia window profile is for 5 chambers)
  • Fill all splits and cavities
  • Waterproof with rolled vapor barriers
  • Warm up walls and ceilings with penoplex and foiled isolon
  • Apply a layer of final vapor sealing
  • Install a warm floor in the entire area of your “former” loggia. It will make your room warm whenever you want, regardless of the central heating season!

 Are you ready for changes now? Then we are waiting for you in the ZROBLENO showroom (1 Sikorskoho Street)!