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Hygge style interior


If you are an owner of the ZROBLENO standard repair already, you should know how easy it is to change your home interior with the help of accessories and recommendations of our designers. Today we have prepared for you some recommendations on creating a comfortable atmosphere this autumn.

October on the calendar forces us to spend more time at home… If you are not a dedicated homebody, ZROBLENO designers recommend you should try to create a comfortable Hygge atmosphere at your own home.
The Danish people have a penchant for nice design. The climate depriving the Danes from natural daylight from October till March has stimulated them to bring maximum comfort to their houses, which have eventually become the Hugge sanctuary.
Hygge is a formula of happiness. Its philosophy is to allow oneself pleasant trifles and relaxation in everyday life.
The simplicity and functionality of Hygge easily allows you to create Hygge at your own home without spending a lot of money. Essential ingredients of the Scandinavian formula: a soft blanket, downy pillows and delicate lighting. You should also be inspired by the Danish people’s love for accessories made of natural materials: woven baskets, metal vases and leather carpets.

Lighting as a Hygge interior element

Candles are an integral part of Hygge . Illumination is deemed ideal at the time when the sun is standing low above the horizon: then the light becomes especially warm and soft. You can see such a natural phenomenon an hour before the sunrise and an hour before the sunset. Candles are a wonderful alternative to such illumination. For that purpose, we recommend creating individual light islands of candles at your home.
Candle holders serve as a nice supplement to support the style. Even when the candle does not flame, the candle holder will keep creating a pleasant atmosphere.
In organization of your apartment electric illumination, you should use several light spots and forget about light fixtures in the center of your apartment forever. As the main source of illumination, we suggest light fixtures with wood, metal or paper elements, which should be placed where light is most necessary: above your dinner table and sofa. As supplementary sources of illumination, use wall-mounted, table and floor lamps. Such elements wonderfully support the concept of Scandinavian design, creating an integral Hygge image.

Textile and accessories in the Hygge style

Soft and pleasant to touch textiles are an irreplaceable moment of relaxation. Pillows and blankets are constant friends of comfort: you can put them on your sofa or beloved armchair. Change your pillowcases depending on the season or your own coloristic desires. In your apartment decoration, you should also use those things which arouse a pleasant nostalgia and associate with joy. Perhaps it would be an old vase presented to you some time ago which you put into a cupboard as it seemed strange. You should place such a thing in a visible position – and your smile will be guaranteed each time you will look at it. Place some photos of your family and love – and you will be definitely feeling family integrity and support. Inspiring phrases, graphically located in interior elements, will remind you of important life values.
Thanks to such types of accessories, your space will be governed by a friendly and happy atmosphere. And don’t forget about your real proximity with your family and friends, as most frequently we feel Hyggelig (the moment of Hygge ) with those people with whom we can be ourselves…
Yours, ZROBLENO designers!