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Kitchen Studio. Pros and Contras


A kitchen and a living-room in one space is a solution ever more popular in newly-built houses. Such option is workable both in large apartments and in compact studios. Is it comfortable to live in a studio apartment? Is it worth choosing such a solution? What are its pros and contras? ZROBLENO designers have answered all those questions, and we are glad to share their opinion with you!

Ideal Area

An open or semi-open kitchen would be best suited for small apartments. Combining a kitchen with a living-room would let you make the best use of both room spaces and visually enlarge the total apartment area. Thanks to such combination, one room would serve the functions of a living-room, a dining-room and a kitchen. Such space would become your favorite place for relaxation, family entertainment and house parties.

Such combination would be a perfect choice for those who like cooking together: enlarged space would allow more people to comfortably share the kitchen.

On the other side, a separate kitchen would be a good option for large apartments. A closed kitchen hall – a comfortable separate space devoted to cooking matters only. Such a kitchen would let you cook flavored dishes with no concern about the smells.

If you have long failed to decide whether you should combine your kitchen with the living-room or not, ZROBLENO designers recommend you should consider an option with sliding doors, that would allow you to zone both rooms at any time.

Major Pros of Kitchen Studio

Additional area
Removing the wall between your living-room and your kitchen would give you additional area and space for placing a dining table or any other furniture.

+ Common space
While cooking, you would be able to keep an eye on your children playing in the living-room, watch TV or take part in a conversation.

+ Additional lighting
More windows in one room due to the kitchen and living-room combination would make it look bigger and more spacious.

+ Dining area
A kitchen combined with a living-room would allow you to put a large table, creating a dining area.

Contras of Kitchen Studio:
– Noise
Be ready for sounds from your dish washing machine, air extraction system or other kitchen appliances to be better heard all over the apartment.

– Smells
Smell and soot are a big drawback of any kitchen and living-room combination: while you are cooking, they easily spread and penetrate into your furniture and curtain fabric. It’s difficult to avoid such smells even with the help of additional air extraction.

– Safety
Small children need constant attention. Especially when your kids are in the kitchen with a lot of dangerous items and household appliances. That’s why your kitchen combined with the living-room could easily become a place for children’s play access to which would be difficult to block.

– Disorder                                                                                                                       
A kitchen studio simply requires a balance between creative cooking turmoil and order in the kitchen. So, on you party days you would have not only to cook some tasty food, but also to put your kitchen in perfect order.

Finally, though a kitchen and living-room combination has some rather significant weak points, it’s critical to note that nearly 70% of the ZROBLENO customers choose that particular option. And their main argument is more time spent with their families and larger space of the apartment.

Sincerely yours ZROBLENO team!