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Decorative materials for walls


Today we are going to talk about available options of decorative materials for wall finishing. If you have chosen a standard repair from the ZROBLENO service and wish to bring some spice into the interior, you should pay attention to the walls. Because, without any exaggeration, walls are a real space for creative work, at least because they occupy the largest area in your apartment!
We are going to share our practical knowledge about the latest trends and popular solutions in wall finishing! To begin with, just 3 important rules for choosing decorative finish materials.
Rule No. 1 – Minimalism
Let’s start with the following: if your repair does not imply any design project development, you have to rely on your own sense of taste and on advices from ZROBLENO experts. Normally, in case of standard repair, we recommend you should be reserved: not in the appearance of your decorative finishing, but in its quantity. It’s advisable to decorate only one wall in the room in order to make it accentual. This rule is essential for small apartments.
Rule No. 2 – Practicality
Some types of wall decorative finishing cannot be used for hanging furniture and equipment. That’s why it’s important for you to be sure that in future you won’t need to place any shelves or TV set on the wall.
Rule No. 3 – Simplicity in Operation
We will explain this rule by giving an example: 3D wall panels can accumulate dust on their volume elements while MDF panels are easily washable and not afraid of dirty fingers. Choose a decorative material which will be easy-to-use in your everyday life.

Glass Wall Panels
Glass has a big number of options for execution in various textures suitable for different styles. In addition to unique decorative qualities, glass panels have such good advantages over other types of finish materials as moisture resistance and practicality.
As for weak points of glass panels, we would not call them a budget choice of wall finishing, as high-quality
glass just can’t be cheap. Glass walls show fingerprints and traces of bad maintenance, so you would have to exert some efforts for
their presentable appearance. A tempered glass panel cannot be «corrected». If you have to make additional holes for a socket or kitchen accessories, it will be very difficult, even if you have a special tool.

Mirror Wall Panels
A mirror can be not only practical, but also a stylish decoration in your interior. A mirror is used everywhere, in any room of the apartment. An unusual shape, a frame and even a mirror door would visually enlarge the room area. Mirror panels have the same weak points as glass panels.

MDF Wall Panels
MDF is made of tiny wood particles formed into a board, then pressed at high temperatures and hardened with special substances.
They can be mounted on any base material: concrete, brick, gypsum board, etc. MDF panels perfectly keep heat and hold you safe from outside noises. Such materials can create imitation of natural stone, brickwork, wood, but they can’t imitate a relief surface.
MDF panels have their own weak points; they are exposure to moisture and flammability, that’s why sockets and switches would need metal back boxes.

There is a variety of absolutely different types of wall panels today, and we will continue this list with HPL
description. HPL is a laminate molded at high pressures. This type of panels is a large-format composite material with unique qualities: longevity, reliability and easy installation. Both sides of finished panels are covered with a special acrylic compound resistant to frost, ultraviolet and moisture. The weak point of using HPL panels is their high price.

3D Wall Panels
The main advantages of 3D panels are their large variety and environmental friendliness of gypsum materials. A great lot of collections will make you love 3D panels and choose one of the proposed designs! However, please keep in mind that this option has its own weak points: dust accumulation on relief surfaces and deformation from relatively light blows.

Ceramic Granite and Laminam Wall Panels
If you need to imitate such materials as stone, you can use ceramic granite wall panels, as they are made of natural materials: granite refuse stone, quarry clay, ceramic pigments. A wide palette of colors would let you create any required design. Neutral and universal color tones would prevent interiors and exteriors from becoming too obtrusive. Laminam is a new modern type of ceramic granite, thin large-format boards with a broad scope of application and rich decorative abilities. This material is distinguished by good operational features and high quality. Ceramic granite and Laminam panels have common weak points: high weight, making delivery and installation processes more difficult, and high price. Besides, ceramic granite is a more fragile material than
Laminam panels.

People have been using wood in finish materials production for a long time. Originally such panels were made of solid wood. Today you can buy combined wood panels much less expensive. The upper layer of such products is valuable wood species applied on a pine or spruce base material. Woodgrain wall panels would be appropriate in any interior and could underline the owner’s status to the best advantage. With a fair amount of strong points, such finishing does not have too many weaknesses. They are: low moisture resistance of wall covering, flammability of wood no matter how you process it, high price of some wood species.

Decorative Plaster
This general term means a layer of decorative construction mixture applied on the wall surface. It evens the walls, insulates them, warms and decorates the walls of your apartment. This type of wall covering has a number of strong points:
 It’s difficult to damage the surface of such covering
 Possibility to draw a unique pattern on the wall
 Easy maintenance
 Possibility to get nonstandard and rare color tones

Venetian Plaster
Venetian plaster creates an impression of noble stones: marble, granite, onychites, jasper, opal, malachite, amber. Such covering looks smooth, brilliant and almost pearly. Such an exquisite type of finishing simply asks to decorate walls of large drawing rooms with a fireplace, pictures in delicate frames and the spirit of Italian Renaissance. Venetian plaster is unique: one can’t find two identical samples of this material in the world! Venetian plaster is safe, moisture resistant and strong! But its first weak point is the high value of execution. And the second one is a possibility of cracks as the material is not elastic. However, like any other type of plaster, Venetian plaster can be easily restored and regain its original appearance. One of the popular ways of decorating a house or an apartment is wall art painting, which can create a stylish interior in the room. Interior art painting is appropriate in practically any room and in any style. The only essential but: a wall with art painting must be protected from any physical impact which could damage the picture; though it is restorable, it can be rather difficult.

So, it was an overview of basic materials for wall finishing we have been using in our practice!
You can always rely on the knowledge and experience of the ZROBLENO team!