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Building wall materials are important


For today ZROBLENO team has completed repairs in 30 different residential compounds in Kyiv and Kyiv Region. And we have something to share, yes, we could keep our own blog «Residential Compound: Look from Inside», but let’s leave it to journalists. You are specially lucky if you read this article before getting down to your apartment selection in a new building. We are going to tell you about the advantages and peculiarities of different materials used in wall construction in multi-apartment dwelling houses.

Let’s start with red brick. It’s the noblest material for construction.

Red brick walls have such vital advantages as free air circulation and good soundproofing. In repair of apartments with red brick walls ZROBLENO team always achieves even walls thanks to plastering with screeds and covering walls with fiberglass. It should be noted that in any design of a red brick apartment you can use masonry fragments without plastering. The masonry relief can be underlined with paint or varnish (we recommend using such covers only for interior works). It’s not unimportant either that a brick wall is strong enough to sustain weight of practically any hanging cabinet: you would only need an anchor, a punch and a plastic dowel.

Other specifications of that material: wear resistance and durability. Red brick buildings are intended for 150 years of maintenance without reconstruction. 

Ceramic block is a contemporary brick, also made of red clay.

Residents of an apartment with ceramic block walls would be pleased to know that ceramic block is “breathing”. Here we use less grout for masonry, so the cold bridge would be smaller. The material has cavities providing good thermal protection with good acoustic transmission at the same time. In repair of apartments with ceramic block walls ZROBLENO team always applies a concrete bonding agent before plastering in order to improve the ceramic block permeability, which makes the repair a bit more expensive.

Perlite concrete and ceramsite concrete are mainly used in high-rise buildings as they have low weight and high density. Such materials allow us to get higher soundproofing than with ceramic brick, but lower thermal protection and natural air exchange.

In buildings with perlite concrete or ceramsite concrete walls, before starting the repair, ZROBLENO team makes a compulsory analysis of the façade heating material and heating appliances, providing recommendations for additional thermal protection of the apartment.

Aerated concrete, gas concrete block: ecologically clean materials with a foam structure providing excellent heat insulation. The main drawback of gas concrete block is high sound transmission. Our large experience of work with that material and our customers’ feedback let us give the following recommendation in case your apartment has gas concrete walls: in order to increase the airborne noise index, your walls should be covered with gypsum-cardboard sheets (13 mm) and mineral wool (30 mm). It’s also important to note that the material crumbles very easily, which makes it impossible to install cabinet furniture directly on a foam concrete wall.

To share our experience is no less important for us than to do our job with high quality.