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Repair. What shouldn’t you save on


If you have decided to make a repair, you should know that it’s always possible to cut your expenses! It’s important to understand that making a repair with cheap materials and unqualified personnel would guarantee you’ll have to remake it. And such “saving” would turn into even higher expenses.

So, Point No.1 in our chart: “What Shouldn’t You Save On?” – It’s the repair crew! Why?

Because the cheapest way is to make a repair by yourself. But only on condition that you have experience and time! In case at least one of those components is missing, you have only one option: hire a professional company specialized in repairs.

No.2. Technical Project.

We do not get tired to repeat: to develop a high quality repair project is the main tool of saving on your repair! Start you technical project development with a layout solution! A well-thought layout solution is a basis of your successful repair and comfortable living!

We are going to help you with that! All you need to do is to send your layout and get the final result in 5 days!

No. 3. Windows and Engineering Systems

First and foremost, here you save on your regular payments for utilities! You should give thought to the quality of your windows, power supply, natural gas supply, sewage, water supply, heating and ventilation systems before the repair as their replacement is one of the first steps.

Here we are ready to help you at the stage of getting keys from the Developer!

An experienced technical expert from the ZROBLENO company would be able to detect all existing problems with windows and engineering systems during the apartment examination!

In fact, we could continue this list a long way down the road, because each step and element of your repair is critical. However, if you want to make your repair for a reasonable budget, forgetting any troubles, you have to read this message to the end.

We know exactly how to optimize your repair costs! We will dissuade you from making multi-level gypsum ceilings and installing underfloor heating in your balcony! Furthermore, we will give you maximum discounts for all repair components to make the result exceed all your expectations! Besides:

  • We fix your repair cost and timing in the contract
  • We fulfil any repair according to its technical project only
  • We work with tested materials
  • We provide a warranty for our works and materials for the period of 12 months
  • We get our professional activities insured for 1 million Ukrainian hryvnias  towards each customer
  • We work according to the uniform approved standard of quality
  • We perform two-step supervision over each repair process

That’s why the process of repair execution by ZROBLENO looks very simple: because we take all difficult things upon ourselves!

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Your ZROBLENO team!