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Standard repair ZROBLENO


Standard repair is the most popular type of repair with ZROBLENO customers. Young real estate owners, experienced rent seekers and married couples order typical repairs every day. A visit to the ZROBLENO repair showroom would provide our customers with full information and even examples of the future repair. And for those who haven’t got a chance to visit us yet we are pleased to tell about the criteria, components and idea of the ZROBLENO standard repair. 

We have understood from our communication with customers that each person interprets the  concept of ‘standard repair’ in a different way And if you think it’s a uniform apartment repair, the same for everybody, please read on, because it’s an absolutely wrong idea! 

You will be first acquainted with standard repair through the ZROBLENO repair calculator. It will let you choose the colors, wall and floor materials, kitchen and bathroom designs and all necessary additional options. The calculator will tell you the exact time schedule and value of the repair ZROBLENO would perform for you. Then your standard repair will “come to life” in the showroom, where you will be able not only to see, but also to touch the future repair. The standard repair could seem easy to you – that was exactly our purpose in developing this project! 

Every step of the standard repair will be worked out in detail by designers, engineers, project developers and cost consultants of our team based on the following principles: modernity, functionality, quality and affordability. 

Modernity. We always keep track of up-to-date design trends, but we only use concise and harmonic solutions for standard repairs. Finishing material combinations allow us to create inimitable individual apartment projects. 

Functionality. Tried-and-true layout solutions of the ZROBLENO standard repair are the keystone to an impeccable repair for your comfortable life. For that purpose, we have included compulsory development of a technical project – the main roadmap of the repair – into the total value! 

Quality. Speaking about the quality, we mean not only the materials, but also the performance. The main tools to achieve effective results are repair quality standards specially worked out for our crews and a two-step supervision over each process of the repair. 

Affordability. Stylish and beautiful is not necessarily expensive. Modern affordable materials selected by ZROBLENO professionals would allow you to get a budget from 300 US dollars per square meter of the standard repair, including all rough and finish materials and works. 

It’s important to note that a standard repair is a ready-made solution, but the most creative work is waiting for the apartment owner. We will do the most complicated thing – a high-quality repair. Now turn on your imagination and fill your apartment with yourself. Choose the form of your chandelier, the author of paintings you are fond of, the style, color and texture of your furniture to your own taste. The soul and nature of each home hide behind its decorative filling. That’s what allows us to show our identity and create inimitable home atmosphere. 

Yours, ZROBLENO team!