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Technical Project on Guard of Your Budget


If you wake up any ZROBLENO employee at night and ask him what is the secret of a successful and high quality repair, we all will answer as one: “Good quality project! And hands… the hands which will make your repair”. We will tell you about ‘hands’ next time, and now let’s talk about the project. 

A technical project is a comprehensive project of your future home. Formalized in drawings, a technical project includes a full set of working drawings required for repair performance. And a ZROBLENO technical project is practically a design project of your apartment! Now we have added a new option there: design solutions for each room of the apartment and a 3D layout. A technical project from ZROBLENO necessarily includes a detailed specification of the materials and a precise budget of the repair. 

A project from ZROBLENO provides at least 5 ways to save your money:

Time Saving

Time is also money, especially if you live in a rented apartment or repair your apartment for rent and hope for a quick return.

In average, it takes our designer 1.5 months to develop a technical project. And you may be assured that the time spent on project development will be fully compensated over the repair period. You will not have to spend much time on materials selection: a detailed specification of all repair components will be included into the standard package of a ZROBLENO technical project. 

Repair without Redoing

It often becomes necessary to redo the work if the project is not precise or the repair has been made without it. As a result, you often face a problem of insufficient number of sockets, inaccessibility of switches or deficiency of ergonomics in space. If you make a repair by yourself or hire repair professionals having a detailed plan of all the works, it will save you from a necessity to change something in process of doing the job. Holding a package of technical documentation, your repair supervisor already knows the volume of works to be performed and the time limits when he could fulfil his task.

If the ZROBLENO team undertakes the work, you can forget about any additional expenses on redoing. Because, first, we are responsible to you for the quality of our work and, secondly, we fix the overall repair cost in the contract. It means that in case we have done our job with poor quality, we shall remove all the drawbacks at our expense and reimburse 500 hryvnias for each day of delay! 

Save on Materials

If you have ever made a repair by yourself, you probably had some tiles, laminate and wallpaper rolls left behind. Those are unnecessary expenses you have no place to store, but usually feel a pity to throw away…

Not to overpay, you need detailed drawings and specifications — which quantities of materials and where exactly will be used. Our experts calculate a minimum inventory of finishing materials from 5−15% depending on the type of material and the way of its laying.

Keep within Budget

We know exactly how to optimize your expenses on the repair! At the stage of project development, we will already dissuade you from making multi-level gypsum ceilings and installing warm floors in your balcony! Even more, we will give you maximum discounts for all repair components, so that the result should exceed all your expectations!

A detailed cost estimate, necessarily included into a ZROBLENO technical project, will fully comply with your repair budget. Customers tend to think that the most expensive building materials and furniture are the best. But the price is no longer an indicator of quality. ZROBLENO experts will give you a good advice where you can save your money and where you should definitely not. 

Save your Efforts and Energy

A repair is a complicated and time-consuming process. To protect yourself from unnecessary grey hair and nightmare and remain satisfied by the result at the end of the day, order a technical project from ZROBLENO. 

In addition, only a technical project from ZROBLENO would include a 3D layout of your apartment and visualization of each room. 

Start right away with a technical project of your future repair.