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Technical vs design project


Before starting to repair their house or apartment, most people think over the room style, color scheme and functional capacity, often losing important technical details which can complicate implementation of the repair. As a result, the final version will be completely different from the original idea.

Here you get assistance from a special premises project, either for your house or for your apartment, developed by ZROBLENO architects with regard not only for the owner’s taste preferences, but also for all technical specifications of the dwelling. It will be made up by an expert having practical knowledge and large experience as an interior designer using up-to-date tools to reflect the ergonomics and functionality of the future project to the maximum extent.

ZROBLENO ArchBuro offers for your choice a technical project or a design project of the real estate. Let’s figure out what those products are for and which of them best suits your needs.

To begin with, let us remind you what a technical project and a design project consist of.

An apartment technical project, first and foremost, includes all construction drawings for repair which will play the role of construction map for the contractor. But it’s important to note that a technical project is not confined to “dry” layouts. In fact, a technical project is the optimum solution as it includes a well-conceived stylistic solution according to the client’s wishes, selection and assembly of processing materials, while important interior and constructive solutions are supported by collages, so that our customer should not get confused by the diversity of his ideas in the process of repair implementation.

A technical project includes a measurement plan of the rooms, an installation and removal plan, a plan of furniture and sanitary equipment layout, as well as  all necessary layouts for floors and walls, ceiling layouts with heights, layouts of switches and sockets, lighting and many other things required for a high-quality repair.

In drafting your project you should think through all technical details regarding interior walls, ceilings, sewage, finishing works, take into account electrical wiring and installation of electrical appliances. Because every detail will affect the comfort of your living.

Most critically, looking at your project, you will have a 90 per cent vision of how your repair will look after its completion. The key here is not the picture, but the concept itself. It means that you will create the interior design by yourself. You will select the style for your own convenience and complement it with decoration elements you like.

Today any interior designer would insist on making a design project for your apartment or house, and we must say that ЗD visualizations of the future repair always make people excited. However, does everybody need a design project with visualization? Let’s get this straight!

You can easily order from ZROBLENO ArchBuro both a technical project and a design project. The basic difference between them is that a design project involves the most highly individualized design solution supported by photorealistic visualization of each room in your real estate. Visualization would help you to “try on” the selected finishing materials, assess the color combinations and the general feeling from your interior.

And, definitely, a design project from ZROBLENO includes all technical documentation, i.e. a full-fledged technical project.

In the process of developing your design project, you will take part in the discussions, jointly with our designer you will select the furniture model and layout, the materials, etc. At the end of the day the designer will prepare visualizations meeting your expectations as much as possible. Because our designer not only will give you a set of pictures, he will create an interior which can become a reality. So, having in hand ready-made visualizations and a technical project, you will find yourself in the future and see a precise picture of your future residence.

Now some other main differences between a design project and a technical project. The first one is the price! A technical project would cost you 490 Ukrainian hryvnias per square meter of the floor space, while the cost of a design project would be 990 hryvnias per square meter of your real estate. It would take us up to 65 working days to create a design project, while a technical project can be made up within 27 days.

And now attention please! A good advice from ZROBLENO architects: if you want to get a stylish and modern repair and have no intention to introduce complicated interior solutions, we recommend that you choose a technical project of your apartment and order a service of design support for your repair, that would help you to meet the challenge of selecting materials and finding color solutions!

In any case, ordering a technical project or a design project of your apartment from ZROBLENO ArchBuro would save your efforts, nerves and time which are more valuable than all money in the world. A high-quality project is a good basis for your apartment or house to become a cozy and comfortable home for you and your family.