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What is the cost of ZROBLENO services


Using ZROBLENO repair calculator would let you find out your repair budget within minutes! But “does it include ZROBLENO services and how much do they cost?” is a question frequently asked by visitors of the website zrobleno.ua. The answer is “It certainly does!” And their cost will follow!

The scheme of ZROBLENO team’s work is based on principles of step-by-step fulfilment of your order – from website application processing to final photo session of your apartment with completed repair and happy yourself J.  This «to» covers a process which remains invisible for customers of our company:

– consulting in the ZROBLENO showroom

– measurement and appraisal of technical peculiarities of the apartment to be repaired

– creation of several options of the layout solution

– development of a design project or immediately a technical project

– selection of tried-and-true repair materials

– provision of wholesale prices and maximum discounts for repair components

– detailed cost estimation

– repair fulfilment (this functionality is a subject of a separate article)

– technical supervision at each step of the repair

– apartment preparation for key transfer

– warrantees, insurance….. and responsibility for each inch of the work performed

We fulfil our obligations: repair deadlines, estimated cost, quality, warrantees and also penalties for the benefit of our customers. It’s a regulated business process where each executive knows and accurately fulfils his functions. For us any repair is a process which regularly undergoes monitoring, optimization and development.Coming back to the cost of options provided by the ZROBLENO service to its clients, from the very beginning we adopted the course to openness. In our cost estimate, which is an integral part of the contract, you would always find a separate entry for «company services» in the amount of 15% of the estimated cost of your repair. Ordering a repair from ZROBLENO, our customers get wholesale prices for rough and finish repair materials with the maximum discount from 15% to 35%. It would let you “recoup” your expenses on repair management and choose repair components of a higher level! ZROBLENO fees are not only the cost of a professional team’s work on your repair, but also a guarantee of a high quality result, good use of your budget and time, your comfort and confidence of  the right choice!